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I have many people come to me for lessons with the goal of improving their guitar playing. They already play at some level and would like to get better. It’s a noble thought, great idea, a good thing to do but not always so easy.

The problem is that it means change and that can be a very difficult thing for some people. Even with the greatest intentions, change is a real challenge.

I’ve recently been playing around with my right hand technique and seeing if there are better ways to approach it. Through 2018 I’ve adopted a different positioning and it’s worked, giving me greater stability which in turn has given me more accuracy and speed.

Currently I’m looking at how I hold my pick and it’s relationship to the strings…this is harder but I’m putting in time because I think it will be another leap forward for me. If it’s not, at least I’ve tried it. I will have something to measure against the current way I do it.

Why am I telling you this? well, I think if I’m able to adapt my playing after so many years of doing it a different way then anyone can if they have the desire to really get better. I’m not saying it’s easy, just that it can be done.

It’s easy to put up roadblocks, find ways not to do something but if you truly want to get better then you need to not just want to, you need to do something about it.

For some it’s enough to just strum a few chords and play songs for friends. Maybe it’s a bit more advanced and you want to be a good picker or play the blues, maybe some jazz or rock or just to be in a band.

Balanced and well conceived programs like the ones I teach will get you there. Of course you still have to do the work and follow the program but if you do you will achieve your goals.

It’s the following the program that some find difficult. Moving out of their comfort zone, having trust in the program and themselves to achieve.

For me it’s about continuous growth, I want to get better at what I do. Be that as a player, as a teacher or even as a person. it’s not easy, but it is the path I’m on.

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