Its-so-easy to learn guitar - - fun on the frets

I had a call during the week from a girl wanting me to teach her how to play a song. She didn’t want to go through all the “other stuff” as she called it and had a month to get the chords and changes together for a special event.

Now as you all know, it’s just not that easy. Some people don’t show enough respect for the work it takes to play guitar, they see a friend strumming or someone up on stage, I mean it looks easy. What they don’t see is the work that goes into getting to even a basic stage, and that “other stuff” you need to do.

Ask Rod, Greg, Al or many of the crew I’ve taught from scratch how long it has taken for them to strum a simple song. If you want to remember what it felt like when you first started, turn you guitar upside down and try forming some chords with your picking hand. Not so easy?

Anyway… better get back to some practice, I’ve got a bit of “other stuff” that needs working on.

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