Just-get-out-and-play - fun on the frets

No matter what level you are at as a guitar player there is enormous value to be gained in sitting down and playing with others.

A few of the crew I teach are not confident they know enough and would be embarrassed to play with someone else but the truth is a lot of learning happens in these situations and the learning goes both ways.

When I was a kid learning the guitar I would get together with some mates to listen to records play a bit of guitar and swap ideas. Someone might have a new chord I didn’t know, I might have a new song, something to pick, strum; it all added to the learning experience.

The same goes to playing in a band situation, if you want to play in a band or jam then get out and do it. Last weekend was our yearly “Off the Cuff” gig in memory of our old mate Warren Hall. It’s pretty much the only blues gig of the year for me this year and really opened up some problems with my playing, sound and equipment preparation that I need to deal with. Of course I could sit at home, do nothing and pretend that everything was ok but that’s hardly progress.

If you want to play in a band get out and get moving, the learning experience will really help to fast track your development that playing in the bedroom alone won’t do.

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