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from beginners to intermediate and advanced players.

About Melbourne guitar lessons

My structured lesson plans have the flexibility to provide an individual tailored solution to suit your needs.

I feel it’s important to have a structure to work from rather than aimlessly going around in circles.

We look at what it is you are wanting to do, whether it be to strum a few chords around the campfire, jam a bit on the weekends with a band or become a professional level player. Together, we discuss your goals then I provide the expertise to help get you there.

Of course there is also flexibility with your goals. You might want to change direction, decide to be a singer/songwriter rather than a guitar hero, get less serious or get more serious about music and the guitar. That’s just part of the ongoing process.

Mentoring and coaching is also valuable for the serious guitar player.

For the serious player, there is also a lot of benefit in getting some mentoring or coaching if you like. I can help you to be better at your craft.

The world’s top singers employ vocal coaches to work with them when on tour or in the studio. They already know how to sing but they leave nothing to chance; they know raw talent alone isn’t enough.

It’s not just singers; it’s dancers, actors, sportspeople and yes – even some of the top guitar players.

If the big guys are doing this stuff, why should you be left out… Get help!

Further information
about guitar lessons

These lessons are available for those who prefer this mode of learning. I have been teaching with these technologies for a number of years now with students interstate and overseas.

I’m in your corner, focussed on helping you improve your guitar playing and achieving your goals as a musician.

Improve your playing and protect your hands. See immediate improvements in your playing and avoid the damage that can be done using poor technique.
It’s not for everyone, but for those who need it for ongoing studies or those who need it for work situations, I teach a proven method used by musicians worldwide.

Have an understanding of how music works applied directly to the guitar. Nothing esoteric here, just plain, useful information that makes you a better player.

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Recent testimonials

Alli Harris

With Ross’ amazing guitar talent, he can teach you everything and anything you want.

Ben Wolfram

The musical road is never ending, but so long as you’ve got a teacher as great as Ross helping you drive down it, you won’t want it to end!

Bill Briggs

After poor experiences with four other teachers, I’ve found Ross to be skilled, supportive and patient, and have certainly found the right teacher for me.

Damien O’Neil

Ross Helmot loves the guitar and he loves teaching the guitar. He impresses me with his knowledge and skill.

Andrew Lin

Ross has been an exceptional teacher – amiable, patient and very passionate about what he does.

Meet your teacher

A big part of my life is learning, playing and teaching guitar.

Over time, I’ve developed a well thought-out, proven approach that will help you get the results you are searching for.

One thing my years of experience as a teacher have taught me is the need to have a plan in place. Even though you are an individual with your own specific needs, a basic framework for the lessons is important.

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