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Michael Hanrahan

Guitar Player

I've been having guitar lessons with Ross for many years now. He is always patient and encouraging, even when I'm having trouble picking something up.

The lessons are fun and relaxed, while still pushing me forward. I've also learned to play a wide range of songs that I never would have chosen myself, so I now enjoy a much wider range of music.

He's also a fantastic guitar player, so I learn just from watching him play. I highly recommend Ross for anybody looking to enjoy the guitar, especially beginners who are finding it a bit daunting, as I did. Ross teaches me not just the chords and the theory but how to listen to and enjoy the music as well.

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Natasha Sekulic

Guitar Player/Drummer

I started lessons with Ross pre covid in a face to face world. I then moved interstate and Ross was ahead of the game in the online lesson front. We’ve transitioned seamlessly and the constant through the last five years has been my Tuesday night guitar lesson.

Ross makes learning fun. He pushes me to play songs I never thought possible but does it in a way that the complexity is hidden in the fun. We have some laughs, he is patient and finds creative ways of teaching me the fundamentals. I do my practice, and suddenly I’ve made progress.
Through my weekly lessons, I’ve not only improved at guitar but also learned to love and appreciate a wide range of music.
Learning guitar with Ross is the highlight of my week. I highly recommend Ross as an incredibly experienced teacher.

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Natasha-Sekulic - fun on the frets
Kim-Butler - fun on the frets

Kim Butler

Guitar Player

Before meeting Ross I had been attempting to teach myself guitar for around 15 years and had learnt a few songs with two bands, had rudimentary knowledge of basic scales and chords but not a lot of it made sense.

As a result I was not improving my physical skill or understanding theory all that well.

At my first lesson with Ross he instantly pushed for improvement in an easy style that I could understand and each lesson thereafter introduced new concepts and challenges.

Ross’s teaching, playing and real examples are second to none and he encouraged me to learn by memory without too much writing. I couldn’t wait to get home from each lesson and revise what I had just learned.

I highly recommend Ross as a highly skilled guitar teacher with an ability to tailor lessons to suit the student’s skill level and leave them with a feeling of achievement.

Ross’s many years of professional experience in a number of genres (even Reggae) shone through and completely altered the way I approach and think about playing the guitar.

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Mike Henwood

Guitar Player

After taking early retirement l decided to fulfil a long held ambition to properly learn the guitar. I had very little knowledge or experience, virtually a complete beginner.

Starting so late l knew I couldn’t afford to waste precious time with the wrong teacher. So finding the right teacher was essential. I wanted a teacher who had incredible knowledge and experience in all aspects of playing the guitar, right up to the most advanced theory and sophisticated techniques.

I needed a teacher who would give me a solid foundation upon which to build. Someone who was very patient, warm, friendly, who was clear and easy to understand. Above all a teacher who was as committed to my progress as l was. In short l was looking for the best teacher, coach and mentor on the planet.

Ross is all those things and more. My knowledge and playing have improved dramatically in just over a year. I really look forward to my lesson each week and have no hesitation in highly recommending Ross to anyone at any level.

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Michelle Smith

Guitar Player

Ross is an amazing teacher, on top of being an excellent guitarist.

I came to him after a long break from guitar playing, having reached a point of stagnation relying on chord books and tabs.

To make me an even more challenging student, I was also quite nervous about playing in front of people. Like a consummate professional, Ross gradually introduced ways to build my confidence, train me out of the unhelpful techniques I’d adopted, and expand my abilities. When I look back on the past few years of lessons, I can see how carefully he guided me through to the point where I could learn simply by watching him play.

In a male-dominated area like guitar playing, I have always felt entirely comfortable with Ross. He is unfailingly patient, and always encourages technical precision while keeping things fun and exciting. I’ve already fulfilled most of the aspirations I dared to have for my guitar playing thanks to Ross, including writing a few original guitar parts for songs and learning riffs and techniques from a range of genres.

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Joe Turner

Guitar Player

Under Ross’s guidance as my guitar mentor, I’ve vastly improved all aspects of my playing and musical knowledge. As a student for a number of years we have touched upon many different musical styles, theory that translates into real outcomes on the instrument and a diverse catalogue of songs – all of which is fun, relevant and richly rewarding.

Ross has helped me in deciphering tunes, developing my musical ear and has equipped me with the skills to pick up songs quickly and accurately in my own time. We’ve worked extensively on tasteful improvisation – something guitarists are notorious at overlooking – and he’s there to answer those tricky questions about music that enriches my knowledge.Having experienced a number of his gigs in person, I can also attest that Ross is an exceptional live performer.

Thanks to Ross’s guidance, I have a clear vision of what I must continue to work on to become a better player on the journey to achieving my musical goals.

I would highly recommend Ross to anyone at any stage of this journey seeking to take their guitar playing and understanding of music to the next level.

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Andrew Lin

Guitar Player

Ross has been an exceptional teacher – amiable, patient and very passionate about what he does. Starting out as a beginner, he taught me a solid foundation of technique and basic theory, as well as working through some modern songs that I was keen to learn.

He has also been flexible with he lesson times, accomodating for my haphazard work schedule. Also impressive is his knowledge of rock and music history – I’ve been able to take away an interesting piece of trivia with me each lesson. I would highly recommend him for students of any age or level of expertise.

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Damien O’Neil

Guitar Player

Ross loves the guitar and he loves teaching the guitar. He impresses me with his knowledge and skill, his measured and individual approach to his students, and his tremendous patience.

I am a self taught very average guitarist, but with Ross’ coaching over the last few months I am quietly building technique and expanding my understanding of the instrument.

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Anthony Rushton

Guitar Player (Sonic Attack)

After years of neglect I decided to pick up the guitar again only to find that my technique and music theory were sadly lacking.

Ross was recommended to me by a noted Melbourne guitarist so off I went looking for answers, fortunately Ross had all the answers.

His relaxed teaching style and easy to follow method coupled with an extensive musical knowledge made for a very pleasant experience. My playing and understanding of guitar theory has improved dramatically and is continuing to improve. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ross Helmot to players of all levels, whatever style you play.

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John Gibney

Veteran Amateur Musician

I first picked-up a guitar over 30 years ago and although I learnt a few chords, I could never get much further than that with my playing, no matter how much I hit the ‘teach yourself’ -style books.

After a few months with Ross, I’ve learnt to better make my way around the lower part of the fret board and I’ve recently started playing some great rhythm parts and even some simple solos. He’s very patient and is always willing to change his approach to help me find the best way to achieve what I want to do. I’d heartily recommend him as a fine tutor.

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Johnny O’Brien

Singer/Songwriter, Guitar Player, Recording Artist

I started lessons with Ross as a classic singer/songwriter. I tended to fumble my way through songs without really appreciating dynamics, articulation and style.

Ross has a gentle and fantastic method of approach that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Under his direction, I was able to start to find my way around the neck, improve my finger picking and touch up on my chord knowledge.Ross is proficient in all styles and his ability to patiently explain an exercise is testament to his many years of experience. Heading into the studio and out on the road with my guitar is now a joy thanks to Ross and his gentle words of wisdom. I would highly recommend Ross if you serious about playing and or just after some casual lessons from a great guy and guitar teacher.

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Chris Minisini

Guitar Player

I came to Ross with no musical background just a desire to play the guitar. I thought I would be giving him his biggest challenge yet but with Ross’ patience and skills I quickly grew confident, I was able to go at a pace I felt comfortable with and using some of my favorite songs has made it really enjoyable.

But most importantly Ross is teaching me to understand the guitar and what it’s capable off so that I can put my knowledge and passion together and let it ring out.

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Chris & Trevor Street

Guitar Players

Ross is very enthusiastic and passionate about his music, especially the guitar, and is able to impart his knowledge and expertise to us with ease. His own playing during our lessons is a source of inspiration.

Tommy McEwan

Guitar Player, Drummer, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist

Ross’ system takes the mystery out of theory, and let’s melody and harmony be the King. If a Drummer can learn this then …Damn he’s good!


Rob Cox

Guitar Players

I’ve been with Ross for about a year now and I really like him. He is kind, approachable, laid back and easy to talk to. He is good with both acoustic and electric guitars. Whatever genre you wish to play he will adapt to your needs.

Peter Dangov

Guitar Player, Singer

The guitar coaching that I have received, has not only exposed me to new techniques but also gave me an insight into music itself. I found myself wanting to take a step back and delve into all of this simplified theory that I could actually comprehend.

I used to invest my time and money on tab charts and guitar magazines full of the latest techniques that were not getting me anywhere. Ross is an extremely knowledgeable and down to earth guy who takes all of this information and delivers it in a simplistic and workable manner.

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Luke Culpitt

Guitar Players

After playing for a while i found my playing wasn’t moving anywhere and after trying lessons elsewhere to be unhelpful I found Ross’ teaching style to be a great change. With Ross I’m learning what I want to learn, at my own pace and I’m enjoying playing a lot more.

Lucas Coonan

Guitar Player, Singer

For me music has always been about jamming with others but only occasionally was I able to connect. I knew the feeling but didn’t know the reason how or why.

Since having lessons with Ross, the secret language of music has been demystified and I’m able to be more in tune and connect much better with others. Ross is a fantastic teacher, if only I was taught by him sooner. Don’t hesitate, be patient with yourself. I highly recommend booking a lesson with a genuine musician/ teacher.

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Leigh Sloggett

Guitar Player, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist

When Ross takes a solo heads turn and people stop and listen because something special is happening. Among guitar players he is one who stands out as extremely gifted. But he hasn’t simply relied on natural talent.

For over 30 years he has intelligently built a deep knowledge of the instrument both musically and theoretically. I would highly recommend Ross to anyone wanting to develop their playing.

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Jaye Morey

Guitar Player

I hadn’t picked up a guitar for years and had never had any lessons, so my playing was a bit of a mess. Ross has been great in correcting some of my very poor techniques, taking me back to basics and teaching me how to learn and improve.

He’s kept me motivated as we’ve always played the type and style of music that I want to be able to play. His own great playing has been inspirational and because of his huge musical repertoire he has introduced me to many players I hadn’t heard before and now listen to constantly.

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Emma Wolfram

Guitar Player

I have taken guitar lessons with Ross for over two years now, and have never felt so inspired by anyone before. He has connected with me on both a personal and professional level, which has helped me to open up and believe in myself.

I’ve become more confident with my playing, my writing and my performing. I have Ross to thank for being such an amazing person and believing in me and my music.

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Don Lucas

Guitar Player

I played in bands for many years and then had a break for about 10 years. I started playing guitar again and subsequently got to hear about Ross and his teaching through my association with other musicians.

My guitar playing and musical knowledge have improved exponentially due to Ross’ expert guidance and teaching method. When you hear Ross play so well and discuss music in general, that he has put in many hours of efficient practice which only inspires and motivates me to work harder.

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Bill Briggs

Guitar Player

I’ve been having lessons with Ross for about a year, and have no hesitation in recommending Ross to any guitarist. Although I regard myself as a “hacker” I’ve improved tremendously.

After poor experiences with four other teachers, I’ve found Ross to be skilled, supportive and patient, and have certainly found the right teacher for me.

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Ben Wolfram

Guitar Player (My Dynamite)

I could always play guitar before starting lessons with Ross, but I also always knew there was more in me, and every lesson I develop new ways to get some of it out of me and onto the guitar.

The musical road is never ending, but so long as you’ve got a teacher as great as Ross helping you drive down it, you won’t want it to end!

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Alli Harris

Guitar Player

With Ross’ amazing guitar talent, he can teach you everything and anything you want. I never had any music or guitar background and no confidence in playing, but Ross has completely changed me and has made me believe in myself and made me a stronger person.

He will never let you give up and he will always encourage you to keep going. Ross is the best teacher for anyone at any stage in their guitar playing and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else and would never change.

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