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A big part of my life is learning, playing and teaching guitar.

If you’ve ever wanted to go deep into the world of guitars, Fun on the Frets is for you. Working one-on-one with adults and teens, I steer you through courses that not only cover the technicality of great musicianship but also cultivate a solid, practical understanding of the craft.

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Access private online guitar lessons in Australia

Acoustic and electric guitar are my specialties, and I have plenty of experience in each. Having started my musical journey in Melbourne, I charted a course that saw me playing with and learning from giants like Tommy Emmanuel and Bruce Clarke. I continue to share the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained along the way with my students, helping them discover their own talent and passion as they make their way through the guitar lessons.

Each program follows a structured plan, with plenty of room for tailoring to individual needs. From beginners to pros, these private and online guitar lessons offer built-in flexibility to help you achieve your desired goals – whether that’s improving your technical skills or playing a few favourite tunes, having a better understanding of how music works or jamming with friends. While we go at a pace that you’re comfortable with, as your guitar teacher in Melbourne, I constantly challenge you to build up your knowledge and become a better, more skilled player.

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Private guitar lessons work for a reason

A connection is vital; individual attention gets results.

I love to play and teach guitar; it’s something I’ve done my entire adult life. I get great joy from teaching and watching my students progress. One huge determiner to success is the personal connection as it makes the learning process so much easier. You make faster progress, the lessons are more interesting and it’s fun. Working with you one on one ensures you get the result you are looking for.

What past and present students say …

Guitar Player

Kim Butler

At my first lesson with Ross he instantly pushed for improvement in an easy style that I could understand and each lesson thereafter introduced new concepts and challenges.

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Guitar Player

Mike Henwood

I needed a teacher who would give me a solid foundation upon which to build. Someone who was very patient, warm, friendly, who was clear and easy to understand. Above all a teacher who was as committed to my progress as I was.

Guitar Player

Michelle Smith

In a male-dominated area like guitar playing, I have always felt entirely comfortable with Ross. He is unfailingly patient, and always encourages technical precision while keeping things fun and exciting. I’ve already fulfilled most of the aspirations.

Finely crafted guitar lessons

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Learn to play the guitar with flexible lesson delivery

For a number of years, I’ve been using digital technologies to connect with and teach Fun on the Frets students. Available for anyone who prefers this mode of learning, you can connect with me from interstate, overseas, or your bedroom in Melbourne.

Skype or Zoom are the two platforms which I use to deliver classes. Just like in-person sessions, you’ll be working with me as your guitar teacher one-on-one, learning to play and hone your craft, or get a better grasp of the musical theory behind the sound. Beginner, electric and acoustic guitar lessons are available.

The flexibility of my lesson plans allows you to go entirely online, mix and match with in-person sessions, or work with me in my studio every time. Let me know your preferences and we can find the most effective way to achieve your goals.

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Become the musician that you’ve always wanted to be

Starting with beginner guitar lessons in Melbourne and progressing to higher levels of musicianship, my guitar lessons in Box Hill and surrounding areas are made to bring out your best.

At the beginner stage, you’ll learn the correct technique for hand placement, chords, and scales, plus a few shortcuts that I’ve learned along the way. Theory and sight-reading are plugged into the course framework as well – but my focus is always to deliver the practical “street know-how” that you need in order to get ahead.

At pro and semi-pro levels, I work with you to refine your art, develop a distinctive style, advance in the industry, and land the gigs of your dreams. Mentorship and coaching are available for players who need a seasoned professional to back them throughout their musical journey.

Start yours with a call to let me know what you’re looking for.

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